Neil Pryde Ltd.

Founded by Mr. Neil Pryde in 1970, Pryde Group (Neil Pryde Ltd.) is a Hong Kong based sports group composed of three key business platforms - manufacturing, distribution and brand management. The company’s focus is on high-performance products, premium quality, style and a winning attitude. The Shriro Group is the majority shareholder in Neil Pryde Ltd., a partnership with Mr. Neil Pryde in the past 25 years. With over 3,000 employees, distribution network in more than 40 countries, Neil Pryde Ltd. is one of world’s biggest players in the marine and adventure sports markets.

Pryde Group products are sold worldwide through a network of wholly owned distribution companies and strategic distribution partnerships. Initially devised as a distribution and logistics network for the company's own products, the group now offers access to more than 3,500 retailers in the adventure and marine sports industry, making this an ideal launch platform for new products looking to quickly broaden their global reach.

With factories in China and Thailand, the Pryde Group’s manufacturing business employs more than 2,000 workers and operates under the name of Performance Manufacturing. Developed initially to manufacture the company’s own products, Performance Manufacturing has emerged as a highly successful specialist manufacturer of high performance sports equipment for the sporting goods industry, supplying products to many leading sporting equipment and accessories brands.

The Pryde Group owns a portfolio of brands, each targeting a specific niche in the marine and adventure sports markets:

  1. NeilPryde Windsurfing - the original Pryde Group brand; a maker of windsurfing sails and rigs.

  2. NP Waterwear – aimed at all action sports enthusiasts, NP make a wide variety of wetsuits and waterwear.

  3. Cabrinha - the high performance kite and kiteboard brand that rapidly became a leader in the fast growing kitesurfing market.

  4. JP Australia - Named after Jason Polakow, the former Wavesailing World Champion and figurehead of the brand. JPA is a premium, high performance windsurfing board brand with a range of more than 30 boards.

  5. NeilPryde Bikes - Introduced in 2010, this brand sees the company moving from the sea onto the road. NeilPryde Bikes is a high-performance road bike brand initially carrying two models of bicycles designed in collaboration with BMW Group DesignworksUSA.

  6. Imagine Surf – Founded in 2002 in California, Imagine is a standup paddle (SUP) brand designing products for riders at all skill levels.

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