Shriro Trading Co. Ltd.

Shriro established its first overseas office in Japan in 1917 and today Shriro Group have an office in Tokyo. With nearly a century of history in Japan, Shriro Trading Co. Ltd. has cultivated a strong local knowledge of the Japanese market and a well-connected customer network. The company has become one of the leading importers in Japan for high quality products such as sports, consumers and industrial products.

The company currently runs a portfolio of reputable business in the following market segments :

• Sports - a strong player in windsurfing through our representation of Neil Pryde products and Flow, one of the leading brand in Snowboard bindings and accessories.

• Industrial - a distributor of SICPA of Switzerland, one of the leading security ink manufacturers in the world and ARAD, irrigation products which can be applied to fruit plantation and nature parks.

Key Sports brands:
• Neil Pryde
• JP Australia
• Nidecker
• Flow
• YES.

Key Industrial brands:
• ARAD Ltd.

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