The Shriro Group
Shriro - Australia
From our headquarters in Lane Cove, Shriro Holdings Limited is a leading manufacturer, marketing and distributor of consumer products. We supply all major retailers in Australia through our national sales network.
Shriro - New Zealand
Monaco Corporation Ltd. was established in 1978 as the sole distributor of the Casio and Pioneer product lines. This fledgling business quickly grew into a major supplier to the New Zealand electronics market firmly establishing Monaco as a successful broad-based distributor. We have since grown to include 11 leading international brands in our portfolio.
Shriro - Hong Kong / China
Welcome to the Shriro (H.K.) Ltd. website. Visit our three main business areas [ cameras ] [ professional imaging ] [ tripods, heads, accessories ] and find a wealth of equipment and solutions that will help you turning your skills and creativity into even greater results.
Shriro - Japan
Shriro Trading Co. Ltd. has a long history of foreign trading companies in Japan as a pioneer, it has played a major role in Shriro group mainly doing business across Asia Pacific. Not only that it was established the first overseas office within the Group, is regarded as one of the organization play a role in the group antenna, and means that have led.
Shriro - Malaysia
Shriro Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. started business in Malaysia in 1948. At that time, we had a staff of 20, principally located in Penang and exporting primary products.
Shriro - Singapore
Shriro (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shriro Pacific Limited, Hong Kong. The Company commenced trading in the name of Shriro (China) Ltd in Singapore in 1948 until 1982 when Shriro (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. was incorporated. Our activities involve the Importation and Distribution of luxury items, consumer products and technical products.
Shriro - Taiwan
Established in 1989, Shriro Taiwan is a dedicated distributor in Taiwan focusing on distributing top brand photographic equipments and accessories via its extensive dealer network in the country
Shriro - Thailand
Shriro Marketing (Thailand) Ltd. was established as a trading house for top brand consumer products in Thailand.
With its dedicated and experienced sales and service team, the company imports and distributes leading brands of high-end photo-imaging equipment and accessories such as cameras, scanners, lenses, lighting equipment, software and accessories for both professional and consumer markets. The company also operates a professional studio for rental and training purposes.
Shriro - Vietnam
Shriro Trading (Vietnam) Co. Ltd., was established in 2010. Following that, in the same year, we have expanded our businesses to the Northern market by opening our representative office in Hanoi, located at the prime business canter area. With offices in both North and South of Vietnam, we will be able to work closely with our customers as well as provide quality support when needed.
Flow Sports Inc. is the number two snowboard binding company in the world. An achievement such as this doesn’t take place overnight; it takes perseverance, commitment to product innovation and a product that stands apart from the rest. For Flow, success has been 10 years in the making.
GELEC (HK) Ltd. is a sales, marketing, distribution and contracting organisation specializing in Engineered Solutions for the construction and industrial business sectors. Headquartered in Hong Kong with offices from Europe to Asia, GELEC has a strong professional and financial pedigree, across a diverse spectrum of engineering disciplines.
Neil Pryde
The Pryde Group is a Hong Kong based Sports Group composed of three key business platforms - manufacturing, distribution and brand management. Our focus is on performance, premium quality, style and a winning attitude.