Shriro (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

Shriro (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd., founded in 1948 has evolved from an exporter of primary products to an importer and distributor of a diverse range of top international brands in various product ranges such as cameras and accessories, consumer products, anti-corrosion materials and medical equipment and disposables. In addition, Shriro (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd. is the franchisee for Bally in Malaysia, and operates the Bally retail boutiques in premium shopping malls.
Shriro (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.'s strong team of marketing and sales executives together with its well-established distribution network ensure all the brands it represents achieve a leading position in Malaysia.

Marketing :
St. Dalfour, Ricola, Lindt, Agnesi, Storck Confectionery, SUISS premium coffee, Monini, Jones teas, MakNyonya, Leading Brands juices, Vitakraft pet foods, 3M household products

Technical (Industrial) :
AIWC (Australasian Industrial Coatings and Wrappings), provides anti-corrosion solutions for industrial uses, in the forms of pastes, mastics, tapes and marine splash zone protection systems. INDEX Construction Systems and Products, provides advanced technological waterproofing, insulation and adhesives materials destined for construction and civil engineering industry

Technical (Medical) :
Kimberly Clark, De Soutter, Tops, Penlon, Solaris and Healforce to hospitals and healthcare institutions

Imaging :
Hasselblad, Zeiss Ikon, Profoto, Linhof, Slik, Ilford & Harman, Billingham, Amabilia, Tamrac, ION and Lastolite. The Imaging Division also handles a newly established sports equipment and accessories distribution: SKS, VDO and others.

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