· Shriro China - 2017 Annual Dinner

December 16, 2017 was definitely an unforgettable day for Shriro Group employees in China, as colleagues from all offices gathered in Shanghai for their 2017 annual dinner event.

Mr. Vasco Fung, our Group CEO, delivered an opening speech before the dinner started. He gave high credits to all staff for their efforts made and enhanced the company performance in 2017, and he hoped that they would continue to fight for a better result in 2018.

Mr. Fung went on to announce that Mr. Ted Lee, the General Manager of Shriro Shanghai Company, would retire on December 31, 2017. On behalf of the Group, Mr. Fung thanked Mr. Lee for his years of contributions, followed by a gift presentation. Mr. Lee wished the group business in China a success under the leadership of the new general manager.

As a highlight of the evening long service awards were also presented to the following staff:

Mr. He Zhi Rong (25 years),
Mr. Pan Yue Hui (24 years),
Ms. Lin Shu Ping (22 years),
Ms. Angel Chai (17 years),
Mr. Zhang Wen Zhou (15 years),
Ms. Lucy Lee (15 years).

The event reached its climax when colleagues from Guangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai performed well-prepared group and individual programs, including chorus, traditional Cantonese opera, group dancing and body-building showcase.

For sure the lucky draw was a not-to-be-missed part before the dinner concluded with full of laughter and joy.

A massive thank you to the organizing committee of the dinner event and other colleagues for their dedication in bringing such a lovely evening to all of us!

See you all again in 2018!