Shriro Marketing (Thailand) Ltd.

Shriro Marketing (Thailand) Ltd. was established as a trading house for top brand consumer products in Thailand.

With its dedicated and experienced sales and service team, the company imports and distributes leading brands of high-end photo-imaging equipment and accessories such as cameras, scanners, lenses, lighting equipment, software and accessories for both professional and consumer markets. The company also operates a professional studio for rental and training purposes.

The company is also involved in automotive aftermarket focusing on distribution of maintenance free motor batteries and radial truck tyres.

Imaging :

Hasselblad - Cameras, Scanners and Lenses
Zeiss Ikon - Rangefinder Cameras
Carl Zeiss - Lenses (for Hasselblad, Leica, Nikon, Canon, Pentax)
Profoto - Studio Lighting Equipment
Lastolite - Lighting Accessories
HPRC - High Performance Resin Cases
Sigma - Lenses

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